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Evenings and Weekend Support

Offering an exclusive for the Alpharetta Georgia area: Evening and Weekend Support
I’m an Engineer with over 13 years experience repairing PCs and providing Network support.
I have a one-word motto: Integrity, and I’m serious about it.

Why do I offer only Evening and Weekend Support Services?

I have a day-job where at a company where I support large corporate networks and computer systems for high-end hotels, lawyer offices, and mansions. I only work till 4pm, so from 5pm to 9pm and on weekends, I am free and would like to offer my extensive computer repair and support knowledge to the Alpharetta area. Plus I get bored and am a workaholic…

What do I repair?

Any and all sorts of computer, laptop, network, and telephony issues, from virus removal and blue screens, to not turning on, reboot loops, WiFi issues, network connectivity issues, and on and on. If it’s a PC or laptop, I can fix it. The real question is “Is it worth fixing”, and I’ll advise you on that for no charge. I’ve repaired networks, computer systems, and phone systems for McDonalds, Barnes & Nobles, Fairfield Inn, and many more.

How much is it going to cost?

$50 plus parts. It’s not hourly. It’s not going to be more. Labor will be $50 no matter what. And what’s more, you pay Nothing unless we repair the device! We will even look it over and make an estimate on parts or upgrades if necessary – no charge.

How do I contact you?

Call us now at (404) 403-0556 or use our contact us page!